Mike Parker For Richmond Mayor

By the People, For the People


We accept no corporate funds for the campaigns. We depend on small contributions from folks like you who think that the people should control government.

California campaign finance laws  requires that contributors of more than $99 provide employer and occupation or "retired".
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See Mike's Statement on the
Chevron Draft Environmental Impact Report



Chevron CEQA


Continuing a Decade of Progress


We’ve made a lot of progress over the last ten years but there is still much to be done. Our values of equality, democracy, respect, and integrity  will lead the way.  Together we can have a city where:

  • The City represents Richmond residents in dealing with Chevron. Safety and health comes before Chevron profits. We do not simply take Chevron’s word for safety.
  • We protect our democracy. (When one corporation can buy up most of the billboards and a big chunk of our local TV time, dominate our mailboxes, and control or silence many of our non-profit organizations, we no longer have a working democracy.)
  • We recognize that the criminal justice system is broken and often unfair. We provide ways for previously incarcerated people to participate in society with fair access to jobs and housing.
  • We train Richmond residents for jobs with a future. Our large employers, labor unions, community colleges, adult education, high schools, and city training and placement agencies all work together.
  • We have programs to save our neighborhoods from foreclosure, blight, and gentrification and help people stay in their homes. We promote ways to make home ownership possible.
  • We assure that public housing is clean, healthy, and safe.
  • We fix an education system that is failing our kids. Our priorities are smaller class sizes with more teachers and community volunteers in each classroom.
  • We maintain the community policing approach—cooperation between the community and the police. The Office of Neighborhood Safety’s direct-dealing with violence and the Ceasefire efforts have made Richmond a safer and more open city. More people on the streets and in the parks and in youth athletic programs add to our safety while they improve the quality of life.
  • We ensure that Richmond leads the way to end all forms of racism.
  • We end discrimination against immigrants and help them become part of the American family. We provide the services they and their children need.
  • We create a culture where all people, including LGBT people, are respected and have full rights.
  • We remove barriers that prevent people with disabilities from fully participating.
  • We recognize that homelessness is also a result of a broken system. We help the homeless reenter the job market while defending their rights and providing for immediate needs.
  • We recognize the talents, experience, and dedication of our seniors. Their participation can help us solve many of the problems facing Richmond
  • We help residents open and grow small businesses. We promote local enterprises and cooperatives.
  • We support the movements for healthier food, urban gardens, cleaner air and water, and protection of our natural and historical treasures.
  • We promote healthy living: nutrition education, access to good food, sports, and exercise, and bike and pedestrian paths.
  • We protect and enhance the shoreline for us all.
  • We recognize that climate change is a reality and a big threat to all humankind.
  • We are part of the solution and not bystanders.
  • We have access to free or low-cost quality medical care for all.
  • We make public transportation safe, dependable, and affordable.
  • We fight against inequality. We support unions and union organizing drives. We work to increase the minimum wage to a livable one.
  • We support people who are working to enhance life in Richmond by organizing themselves. Stronger unions, neighborhood associations, cooperatives, and community organizations are a big part of the solution.
Mike Parker for Mayor, 2014, PO Box 5514, Richmond CA 94805
MikeParkerforRichmond@gmail.com  ·    (510) 842-5207     ·     FPPC# 1363920