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CA Nurses Asociation
ATU 1555
Sierra Club
Gathering Tribes
Idle No More
United Faculty of the Contra Costa Community College District
Green Party CC County
Richmond Progressive Alliance
League of Conservation Voters
The Social Justice Center of Marin
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Elected Officials
Gayle McLaughlin   Mayor *
Jovanka Beckles   City Councilmember and Vice-Mayor *
Rosemary Corbin   Former Mayor *
Leonard McNeil   Former San Pablo City Councilmember *
Frank Egger   Former Mayor of Fairfax *
Matt Gonzalez   Former President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors *
Tom Hayden   Political Activist, former State Senator *
Larry Robinson   Former Mayor of Sebastopol *
Jeff Ritterman   Former City Councilmember *
Whitney Dotson   EBRPD Board Member *
Antonio Medrano   Former WCCUSD School Board Member *
Kris Worthington   Berkeley City Councilmember *

Commissioners, Board Members & Neighborhood Council Representatives
Donald Bastin   Richmond Historic Preservation Commissioner *
Melvin Willis   Richmond Planning Commissioner *

Eduardo Martinez


Planning Commissioner *

Marilyn Langlois


Planning Commissioner *

Christine Caldwell   Richmond Commission on Aging Member *
Dorothy Gilbert   Point Molate Community Advisory Committee Member *
Paul Carman   Point Molate Community Advisory Committee Chair *
Najari Smith   Chair, Richmond Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee *
Dayna Holz   Richmond Public Art Advisory Committee Member *

Roberto Reyes


Planning Commissioner *

Chris Kavenaugh   Former Berkeley Housing Advisory and Rent Stabilization Commissioner *

Joe Puleo


Point Molate Community Advisory Commissioner *

Alejandro Soto-Vigil   Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner *
Igor Tregub   Former Berkeley Rent Board Commissioner *

Jim Hite


Point Molate Community Advisory Commissioner *

Andres Abarra    
Tarnel Abbott   Richmond Resident
Anthony Allen   Richmond Resident

Lisa Allen


Richmond Resident

Ann Arbogast   Richmond Resident
Janet Arnold   Activist
Nathaniel Arnold   Richmond Resident
Rebecca Auerbach   Richmond Resident
Diane Bailey   Richmond Resident
Douglas Bakke    
Jenny Balisle   Richmond Resident
Dale Banducci   Richmond Resident
Frank Bardacke    Author, Instructor

Maureen Barnato


Richmond Resident

Rita Barouch


Richmond Resident

Joan Bartulovich    
Deborah Bayer   Richmond Resident
Robin Bedell-Waite    
Cindy Beitman   Richmond Resident
Lincoln Bergman   Richmond Resident
Hector Bezanis   Richmond Resident
Steve Birnbaum   Richmond Resident
Liz Bittner   Richmond Resident
Gretchen Blais   Richmond Resident
Adam Boisvert   Richmond Resident
H. Abigail Bok   Richmond Resident
Joseph Botkin   Richmond Resident
Richard Boyd   Richmond Resident
Lois Boyle   Richmond Resident
Richard Brabham   Richmond Resident
Porschea Brown   Richmond Resident
Helene Burgess   Richmond Resident
Nancy Burke   Richmond Resident
Ran Bush   Richmond Resident
Randolph Bush   Richmond Resident
Olga Byrd    Richmond Resident
Patsy Byers   Richmond Resident
Ramon Cardona   Director, Centro Latino Cuzcatlan *
Evelio Calderon   Richmond Resident
Norman Carlin   Richmond Resident
Teresa Carlstrom   Richmond Resident
Mary Carr   Richmond Resident

Rose Castro


Richmond Resident

Miguel Cavalin   Richmond Resident

Michelle Chan


Richmond Resident

Dr. Henry Clark   West County Toxics Coalition *
Rebecca Lynch Clemens   Richmond Resident
Millie Cleveland   Richmond Resident
David Cole   Richmond Resident
Mary Lee Cole   Richmond Resident
Cathy Connor   Richmond Resident
Monica Cross   Richmond Resident
Mike Daley   Richmond Resident
Amalia Darling   Richmond Resident
Ariana Darling   Richmond Resident
Chris Darling   Richmond Resident
Jenny Darling   Richmond Resident
Susie Davis   Richmond Resident
Priscilla de Mesa   Richmond Resident
Joe Diamond   Richmond Resident
Diane Dickey   Richmond Resident
Kathryn Dienst   Richmond Resident
Renee Dreyfus   Richmond Resident
Melissa Ehman   Richmond Resident

Michael Eichenholtz


Richmond Resident

Kimberly Ellis   Richmond Resident
Jomar Enciso   Richmond Resident
Kathleen Erwin   Richmond Resident
Toni Favila   Richmond Resident
Marion Fay   Richmond Resident
Mark Feliciano   Richmond Resident
Tony Feng   Richmond Resident
Mary Flanagan   Richmond Resident
Roberta Flores   Richmond Resident

Julie Frasier


Richmond Resident

Richard Freeman    
James Fuller, Jr.   Richmond Resident

Rosa Garcia


Richmond Resident

David Gesinger    
Beryl Golden   Richmond Resident
Alison Goodsill   Richmond Resident
Suzanne Gordon   Richmond Resident
Elizabeth Gore   Richmond Resident
David Gottlieb   Richmond Resident
Ramazan Gozel   Richmond Resident
Queen Graham   Richmond Resident
Gretchen Grani   Nutiva Dr. of Corp. Giving and Sustainability *
Michael Gravelle    
Jerarde Gutierrez   Richmond Resident
John Halcomb   Richmond Resident
Sharon Halpern   Richmond Resident
Susan Handjian   Richmond Resident
Devorah Harden   Richmond resident
Greg Harden   Richmond resident
Leslie Harden    
Adrienne Harris   Richmond Resident
Janice Haugan   Richmond Resident
Virginia Harrison   Richmond Resident
Janice Haugan   Richmond Resident

Matthew Heberger


Richmond Resident

Dr. J.G. Heinsheimer   Richmond Resident
Judy Herrmann   Richmond Resident
Stephanie Hervey   Richmond Resident
Lars Hewlett   Richmond Resident
Amara Hicks    
J.Gabriella Hinsheimer   Richmond Resident
Jim Hogan   Richmond Resident
Sylvia Hopkins   Richmond Resident
Michael Horse   Richmond Resident
Emily Hradec   Richmond Resident
Vivian Huang   Member, Asian Pacific Environmental Network *
Kathleen Jackson   Richmond Resident
Cecila Jauregui-Ornelas   Richmond Resident
Dr. Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski   Richmond Resident
Claudia Jimenez   Richmond Resident
Janet Scoll Johnson   Richmond Resident
Doleen Jones   Richmond Resident
Nick Jones   Richmond Resident
Patricia Jones   Environmental Activist
Alexandros Kalofonos   Richmond Resident
Bruce Kaplan   Richmond Resident
Michael Kaufman   Richmond Resident
Joe Keffer   Richmond Resident
Joyce Keller   Former Richmond resident
Paul Kilkenny   Richmond Resident

Jean Kortz


Richmond Resident

Earl Koteen


Richmond Resident
Stephen Krank   Richmond Resident
Ngone dzashe Kundidzora    
Harry Kunze   Richmond Resident
Tim Laidman   Richmond Resident
Mirko Lamonte   Richmond Resident
Antoinette Landis   Richmond Resident
Ann Langille   Richmond Resident
Denny Larson   Richmond Resident

Paul Larudee


Richmond Resident

Michael Leedie   Richmond resident
Maggie Leigh   Richmond Resident
Nelson Lichtenstein   Academic advisor to Rosie Museum; Prof. Director, Center for the Study of Work, Labor, and Democracy, UCSB *
Kristen Lobos   Richmond Resident

Ann Longille


Richmond Resident

Marsha Lulii


Richmond Resident

Mark Luong   Richmond Resident
Gershon Luria   Richmond Resident
Camille Mansala-Garnett   Richmond Resident
Jeannette Mahoney   Editor, El Sobrante Connection *
Richard Marens   Richmond Resident
Dr. Joan Margaret   Richmond Resident
Barbara Martin   Richmond Resident
George Martin   Richmond Resident
Jeremy Mayfield   Member of Green Remedy Patient Collective, Richmond
and Pres./CEO of Organisnax Inc. *
Sarah McCroskey   Richmond Resident
Michele McGeoy   Richmond Resident
Scott McLean   Richmond Resident
Mike Meagher   Richmond Resident
Senya Means   Richmond Resident
John Meyer   Richmond Resident
Sybil Meyer   Richmond Resident
Pat Miles   Richmond Resident
Erica Milsom   Richmond Resident
Clark Milsom   Marina Bay Community Garden Chairman *
Jessica Montiel   Richmond Resident
David Moore   Richmond Resident
Eli Moore   Richmond Resident
Victor Morales   Richmond Resident

Manuel Moran


Richmond Resident

Ray Muhammad   Richmond Resident

Iqbal Murad


Richmond Resident

Saramurad Murad


Richmond Resident

Richard Neidhardt   Richmond Resident
Rebecca Newburn   Richmond Resident

Linda Newton


Richmond Resident

Bang Nguyen


Richmond Resident

Dixie Nicholson   Richmond Resident

Torm Nompraseurt


Richmond Resident

Hulda Nystron   Richmond Resident
Fletcher Oakes   Richmond Resident
Deborah O'Brien   Richmond Resident
Luis Olivia   Richmond Resident
Lynne Oliver   Richmond Resident
Lee Olivier   Richmond Resident
Eva Orbuch   Teach for America 2011

John Ozenberger


Richmond Resident

Missy Peebles   Richmond Resident
Amalia Pereira   Richmond Resident
Craig Peterson   Richmond Resident
Bill Pezick   Richmond Resident
Bill Pinkham   Richmond Resident
Judith Piper   Richmond Resident
Pennie Opal Plant   Richmond Resident
Susan Pomery   Richmond Resident
Thomas Prather   Richmond Resident
Tania Pulido   Richmond Resident
Kristen Pursley   Richmond Resident
Raul Ramirez   Real estate agent and member, Richmond Chamber of Commerce *
Juan Alberto Reardon, Jr.   Richmond Resident
Anne Marie Richard   Richmond Resident
Daniel Rikleen   Richmond Resident
Lisette Rivera   Richmond Resident
Jose Rivera   Richmond Resident
Jeff Romm   Richmond Resident
Megan Roberts   Richmond Resident
Victoria Roberts   Richmond resident
Margaret Rossoff   Sunflower Alliance
Michael Rubin   Activist
Ken Ryan   Richmond Resident
Sandy Saeteurn   Richmond Resident
Shukuru Sanders   Richmond Resident
Linda Schneider   Richmond Resident
Denise Scholz   Richmond Resident
Bill Schwimmer   Richmond Resident
Janet Scoll-Johnson   Richmond Resident
Frank Scott   Richmond Resident
Patrick Secor   Richmond Resident
Karen Seneferu   Richmond Resident
Zina Sharokhi   Richmond Resident
Gary Shows   Richmond Resident
Toula Siacotos   Richmond Resident
Kate Sibley   Richmond Resident
Kaylie Simon    
Jane Slaughter   Labor Notes

Andres Soto


Sue Sparks-Hodges   Richmond Resident
Barbara Speed   Richmond Resident

Pam Stello


Richmond Resident
Victoria Stewart   Richmond Resident
Barbara Stauss   Richmond Resident
Polly TaiKam   Richmond Resident
Jacqueline Thalberg   Richmond Resident
Maria B. Torres    
Soheila Vahdati   Richmond Resident
Anne Marie Van Amson   Richmond Resident

Christian Velasquez


Richmond Resident
Cres Vellucci   Richmond Resident
Laura Wagner   Richmond Resident
Rhonda Walker   Richmond Resident
Deanna Wallis   Richmond Resident
Kay Wallis   Richmond Resident
Richard Ward   Richmond Resident

Sharon Ward


Richmond Resident
Liz Watt   Richmond Resident
Jessie West   Richmond Resident
Pamela Wiget   Richmond resident
Sharon Williams   Richmond Resident

Kathleen Wimer


Richmond Resident
Kris Wood   Richmond Resident
Andres Ybarra   Richmond Resident
Jim Zahradka   Richmond Resident  
Kathleen Zahradka   Richmond Resident  
Suzanne Zeman   Richmond Resident  
Lesli Zephyr   Richmond Resident  
Jim Zolkowski   Richmond Resident  

If you would like to be listed please send your name as you would like to be listed, and how you would
like to be listed (if anything) to MikeParkerforRichmond@gmail.com

* Organizations listed for identification purposes only

Hear from some of Mike's former students

Rigo PerezWhen I first started taking classes at Los Medanos College, Mike Parker was one of my first Instructors. When I started the Electrical Technology program I was unsure if it was the right career path and industry that I wanted to go into. After spending time in his class and listening to his lectures I was pretty confident that I had made the right choice. Having him as an instructor was a huge benefit. It didn’t matter which way you learned best, because his way of teaching touched every possible way of learning, which is a quality not every instructor has.
Perhaps the most important part of his way of teaching (at least for me) was accountability, that if we wanted to succeed we needed to put in the effort and extra work that was needed. In class we dealt with very technical and extremely difficult concepts. Whenever any of the students had a hard time understanding a problem or concept, he taught us to first understand where the problem was and what would be the best and most concise approach to solving that problem. As a teacher he made himself very approachable and took the extra time to meet with me and other students after class to help us succeed in the program. At the end of the semester he asked us the students to give him feedback on ways that he could improve his way of teaching. That showed us all that he has a genuine interest with not just seeing us graduate, but getting the jobs he’s been helping us prepare for. - Rigo Perez-Los Medanos College student
Patricia CoadEntering college after a 25 year absence was a daunting experience.
When I enrolled in the ETEC-Electrical program at Los Medanos College, I found myself 1 of 3 women in a class of 30. I had doubts if this was the right program for me. Thankfully my first instructor was Mike Parker.
He proved to be, not only a great instructor, but also an incredibly insightful person. He used his "real world" experiences in the labor workforce to teach his students about integrity and accountability.
He is a great supporter of those of us willing to re-train to go back into the workforce and to those who are just starting out.
His dedication to reach out to those willing to learn is admirable.
He has supported his students with his expertise, his time and most importantly, his encouragement. - Patricia Coad
Al MorganMike Parker is a team player with experience in working in multicultural environments. His diverse mindset and eagerness to help the city of Richmond stay competitive in the current and future technology industries makes him the man who should be the next mayor of Richmond.
Mr. Parker understands that our first priorities are economic development through a vibrant school system and successful businesses in the community. He is a well- rounded individual who takes pride in educating young and old in technology. I know this first hand, because Mike teaches the ETEC 30 PlC-Programmable logic Controllers course at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, California and I was one of his students.
The city is growing at a steady rate and Mike Parker can help take the city of Richmond to the next level by making it a city we can all be proud of using his expertise in technology and paving a pathway for the next generation.
I am a former student who is currently enrolled in the Instrumentation and Electrical Program at Los Medanos College. Mr. Parker gave me hope, belief and confidence to succeed in today's job market. - Al Morgan, Student Instrumentation Technology
Demarie BelsherMike Parker was the very first teacher I had at Los Medanos College ETEC program. I think he was one of the best teachers a newcomer could have because he was so helpful and understanding. There was a lot of very difficult theories to understand but he was always willing to stay after class and help you until you understood. He even gave up one of his days off to attend a study group some of the students had organized before finals to help us study. Mike Parker truly cares about getting people back to work - Demarie Belsher Dante OwensI am pleased to write this recommendation letter for Mike Parker and to be able to give back to him for being a wonderful professor.
Being a young African American man, and a student who struggled in school, not because I wasn't 'smart' , but because unfortunately I attended low-income schools with e staff members who cared nothing about the students. Thankfully, that feeling changed once I met Mike Parker at the local college I attend. I strongly believe if there were more compassionate teachers like Mike Parker it would be reflect in students and their work. Mike challenged me in ways that taught me that failure wasn't an option and that progress was a beginning to success.
Overall, Mike Parker has rapport and is veryoptimistic. I highly recommend him for Mayor of Richmond. - Dante Owens

Mike Parker is an undeniable asset to the students of the Electronic Technology Program at Los Medanos College. As his student, he encouraged me to not only learn the material, but to have a further understanding of the why and how of the material. Mike Parkers objective for his students is that they know the subject matter well enough to be able to clearly explain the process to each other. This resulted in helpful and constructive classroom discussions that ensured student participation and learning. Though the subjects were highly technical and complicated, Mr. Parker’s positive communication during lecture was clear, logical and practical. He instilled upon us his method of problem solving. He taught us that no matter how complicated a problem or task seems to be, to first approach is to get a clear understanding of the task, then in a practical, methodical, and sensible way begin working through it.
Perhaps the most notable trait of Mike Parker as a college instructor is how his passion and enthusiasm comes out in his teaching and for the success of his students. Our success is his reward. Whenever possible he extends his time outside of the scheduled lecture or lab to help with challenging subject material and lab projects.
As mayor, Mike Parker’s selfless passion to help others succeed and grow will be a positive force, serving the citizens of Richmond well.
Marc Wright (Student at Los Medanos College)

Kyle Terry I was in Mr. Parker’s class at Los Medanos for 2 semesters. He was unlike any teacher I've ever had. He taught in a way that made you have to think because he knew that after we graduated, we would have to solve problems by ourselves. I think Mr. Parker would make an excellent mayor because he's a great thinker and not only that, but regardless of party affiliation, he likes to hear and acknowledge everyone's opinions and then formulates his own opinion taking in account both sides. - Kyle Terry

I am pleased to write this recommendation letter for Mike Parker and to be able to give back to him for being a wonderful professor.
Being a young African American man, and a student who struggled in school, not because I wasn't 'smart' , but because unfortunately I attended low-income schools with some staff members who cared nothing about the students. Thankfully, that feeling changed once I met Mike Parker at the local college I attend. I strongly believe if there were more compassionate teachers like Mike Parker it would be reflected in students and their work. Mike challenged me in ways that taught me that failure wasn't an option and that progress was a beginning to success.
Overall, Mike Parker has rapport and is very optimistic. I highly recommend him for Mayor of Richmond. - Dante Owens

Hear from some of Mike’s co-workers

Daniel GalassoI founded from scratch and built Galco Industrial Electronics, a good size business in the Detroit suburbs. I am a capitalist through and through and I believe in the free market. I own 1000 shares of Chevron, so I obviously wish the company well. Yet, I think Mike Parker would be a great mayor.
I hired Mike to work at Galco in the 1980s when the company was still small. Mike was completely open about what he believes, and I soon learned of his political ideals and commitment to unions. We often debated these questions. At no time did our differences ever get in the way of our working together. Mike is talented and fair. He is extremely intelligent and of high moral character. He investigates before he acts and researches thoroughly to solve problems in which he has had no prior experience.
Mike Parker was a first-rate technician and engineer and, at the same time an individual who was able to work with people of many different backgrounds. He became the informal leader of our technical group as it grew and handled new technology.
I'm proud to endorse Mike Parker for Mayor of Richmond.
Daniel Galasso PE, founder and CEO-retired
Galco Industrial Electronics
One of the most important responsibilities of public education today is to teach the skills of advanced manufacturing technology. Company after company is working to build a workforce that can manage and maintain these highly complex systems. A new generation of trainer/educator is needed for this work who can teach both the basics and the complex parts of these systems. This is extremely important because without this type of education companies and communities won’t be able to work together to recruit, train and employ a workforce from the community.
Mike Parker is one of the best of the new generation of technical trainers/educators. I began working with Mike many years ago when he led the training group for steel mill electricians at the Ford Rouge complex. More recently Mike helped design the Integrated Manufacturing Simulator in the National Science Foundation’s Automotive Manufacturing Technical Education Consortium.
Mike’s understanding of technology and his well developed teaching techniques will remain a lasting contribution. On a planning level Mike is a tenacious pragmatist. He holds all parties accountable, which is exactly what’s needed in workforce education today. - Gary Saganski, Director of Corporate Training,
Henry Ford Community College
Mike Parker for Mayor, 2014, PO Box 5514, Richmond CA 94805
MikeParkerforRichmond@gmail.com  ·    (510) 842-5207     ·     FPPC# 1363920